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Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement 

·        To maximize inmate employment while providing valuable vocational training and work experience with emphasis on preparation for successful reentry 

·        To remain self-sufficient through the production and sale of quality products and services


 Vision Statement
“Teaching Inmates to Work in Pennsylvania”



·        Security

·        Safety 

·        Service 

·        Integrity 

·        Quality 

·        Teamwork 

·        Education 

·        Training 

·        Pride 

·        Professionalism 

·        Commitment 

·        Net Revenues 

·        Financial Independence

PCI Location Map
PCI operates more than 20 service and manufacturing industries at 27 prison facilities throughout Pennsylvania.  PCI is self-sustaining through the sale of its products and services and does not receive state budget dollars.

Pennsylvania Correctional Industries operations are located in correctional facilities at 20 prison facilities throughout the state and managed from Correctional Industries Central Office in Camp Hill.  Through our network of business sites, PCI is able to specialize in the manufacturing, transportation, sales and administration of more than 2,500 products and services.


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