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Table of Organization
The Department of Corrections is led by the following individuals:

George Little, Acting Secretary of Corrections 717.728.4109
   Deb Sahd, Special Assistant/Grievance Office/Video Conference Coordinator 717.728.4109
   Amy Schwenk, Chief of Staff 717.728.4107
   Suzann Nicklow, Special Assistant 717.728.4117
   Kimberlee Drum, Office of Mental Health and Healthcare Systems Advocate, 717.728.4134

Christopher Oppman, Deputy Secretary for Administration 717.728.4122 | 4123
     Autumn R. Southard, Staff Assistant, 717.728.4122

Areas of Responsibility:
Health Care Services; Operations; Administration; Correctional Industries; Training Academy; Psychology; Food Service

Tabb Bickell, Executive Deputy Secretary for Institutional Operations 717.728.4122 | 4123  
   Heather Fotiou, Special Assistant 717.728.4025
   John Muick, Staff Assistant 717.728.4116
   Dawn Christiana, Executive Secretary, Deputy Secretary's Office 717.728.4122

Areas of Responsibility:
Eastern and Western Regional Deputy Secretaries; Bureau of Facility Security and Special Operations; Office of Population Management (CSCU); Office of County Inspections;

Tammy Ferguson, Deputy Secretary Eastern Region 717.728.4122 | 4123
   Ann Verbyla , Staff Assistant 717.728.4114
   Keith Miller, Staff Assistant 717.728.4747
   Capt. Sprinkle, Inspection Captain 717.728.4126

Areas of Responsibility:
SCIs: Benner Township | Camp Hill| Chester | Dallas | Mahanoy | Phoenix | Smithfield | Waymart

Robert Marsh, Deputy Secretary Central Region 717.728.4122 | 4123
   Danielle George, Staff Assistant 717.728.4121
   Karen Merritt-Scully, Staff Assistant 717.728.7740
   Capt. Spieles, Inspection Captain 717.728.4125

Areas of Responsibility:
SCIs: Coal Township | Forest | Frackville | Huntingdon | Muncy | Pine Grove | Quehanna | Rockview

Trevor Wingard, Deputy Secretary Western Region 717.728.4122 | 4123
   Justin Schaup, Staff Assistant 717.728.4113
   Jennifer Alexander, Staff Assistant 717.728.4114
   Capt. Jenkins, Inspection Captain 717.728.4124

Areas of Responsibility:
SCIs: Albion | Cambridge Springs | Fayette | Greene | Houtzdale | Laurel Highlands | Mercer | Somerset

Vacant, Executive Deputy Secretary for Community Corrections and Reentry 717.728.4060
   Belinda Nester, Executive Assistant 717.728.4118

Christian Stephens, Deputy Secretary for Office of Field Services PBPP
   Grace Franks, Executive Assistant 717.787.5699 EXT. 1172
    Larry Powell, Staff Assistant 717.728.4191

Kelly Evans, Deputy Secretary for Office of Reentry PBPP
   Matthew Sheaffer, Executive Assistant 717.418.6614
   Melissa Reed, Staff Assistant 717.728.4193

Daniel McIntyre, Director, Bureau of Reentry Coordination

Michael Wenerowicz, Bureau of Community Corrections 717.787.5699  
   Vacant, Deputy Director Facilities Management 717.787.5669
   Laura Hoffman-Reed, Major Security and Training 717.787.5669

Areas of Responsibility
• Field Services
• Reentry
• Community Corrections
• PBPP Division of Office Services
• PBPP Budget Division