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On September 18, 2018, the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections (PA DOC) in conjunction with ViaPath Technologies completed the implementation and made available approximately 8,500 eBooks.  These eBooks can be purchased through the ViaPath Technologies Kiosk by inmates that have purchased a ViaPath Technologies Inspire Tablet.  The cost of an eBook ranges from $2.99 to $24.99.

With the implementation, inmates can search the eBook library for books according to subject, language, author, and title.  Once the results of the search appear, the inmate can click and view information as it pertains to the eBook.  Once adding the book to the shopping cart, the inmate can sync his device to the kiosk, which will deduct the funds and download the eBook to his device.

FAQ documents and instructions on how to use the new EBOOK icon have been made available on the housing unit as well as added to the document tab on the Kiosk/Tablet for each inmate to review.  ViaPath Technologies will continue to work with the PA DOC to make additional eBooks available.

eBook Information

  • EBOOK ICON:  Inmates will be required to sync their device in order to be able to see the icon and order books after the implementation date
  • EBOOK Availability: 8,500+ books will initially be made available for purchase. Check out our full list of eBooks.
  • EBOOK List: Has been made available to the librarians at each site for inmate review and or purchase of copies of the list through a cash slip.
  • EBOOK FAQ: FAQ document will be available on the Kiosk for review.  When placing orders for eBooks, games, music and messages – the purchase order will be message, music, games, eBooks.
  • EBOOK Costs: Start at $2.99 to $24.99 – Link Units can be purchased through the commissary. 
  • EBOOK Restrictions: Books from the initial implementation that are restricted by the PA DOC after purchase will be reimbursed by the PA DOC through ViaPath Technologies in link units only.