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Custody Status Updates

Individuals may sign up to receive updates on changes to an offender's custody status, such as transfer, release, escape, or recapture. Different options are available for members of the general public and crime victims/survivors.

For the General Public

Notifications regarding an offender's custody status are available through the PA Statewide Automated Victim Information and Notification service (PA SAVIN). PA SAVIN is a free service.

For Crime Victims/Survivors

Additional notifications are available to crime victims/survivors who register for services through the PA Office of Victim Advocate. Victims/survivors can opt to receive both types of notifications. Notifications are one part of a comprehensive safety plan.

Registered crime victims can opt in to be notified if/when the offender:

    • becomes parole eligible
    • is considered for any release program
    • escapes – and is recaptured
    • transfers to a state mental health facility
    • dies while incarcerated
    • writes an apology letter
    • applies for clemency (pardon or commutation)

Notifications can be customized to suit the needs and preferences of victims/survivors. Options include mailing, email alerts, and phone calls. Some victims choose to receive only certain notifications. To learn more about notifications and safety planning, crime victims/survivors are encouraged to visit or call 800.563.6399 (Mon – Fri).