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Reentry and Transitional Services

Preparing inmates for a successful return home, after incarceration from a state correctional institution (SCI), to help them become law-abiding citizens and obtain life-sustaining employment, is an important part of the Department of Correction's (DOC)  mission. The work in this area is referred to as "reentry."

Ninety percent of the DOC's inmates return home one day from and SCI.  DOC staff works to provide inmates with treatment programs to change their criminal behaviors, educates inmates and provides them with job skills all in an effort of helping offender to not commit future crimes.

The primary focus of the Office of Reentry is to ensure that individuals are prepared to return to the community. Reentry and reentry planning begins as soon as the individual arrives at an SCI. Individuals are provided with treatment, education and vocational programming based on their needs. Reentry Service Offices are also available to individuals approximately 18 months prior to their release from an SCI, and continues to work with them through the pre-parole process. Once released, Reentry offers evidence-based services to individuals on supervision and those in the State Drug Treatment Program.

A number of DOC Bureaus and Divisions help prepare individuals for their return home. Those areas include: Treatment Services, Educational and Vocational Training, Mental Health Services, Healthcare Services, Reentry Operations, Reentry Services, Population Management, and Community Corrections. All work is done through local and statewide partnerships while remaining dedicated to victim advocacy and public safety.

For additional information on DOC reentry services, contact:

Eric ArnoldExecutive Assistant to the Deputy Secretary for Reentry​