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​Contact the Parole Board

By Website

The Pennsylvania Parole Board (Board) staff answer many questions about the overall parole process. The Board maintains a website section called “How do I…” This section provides additional information on the subject areas the Board receives the most questions about such as: How do I…Get a copy of a Board Action (aka “green sheet”)?...Send a letter to the Board about an inmate before a parole interview?...Pay my supervision fees?

If your question involves another subject not addressed in this section, the Board encourages you to contact them directly by using their Contact Us form.

By U.S. Mail

If you need to mail information to the Pennsylvania Parole Board's Central Office in Harrisburg, please address it to: 

PA Parole Board
     [List the name of the person who is to receive your mail]
     [List the department/division that is to receive your mail]
     1101 South Front Street
     Harrisburg, PA  17104

Writing a Letter to the Board about an Inmate

If you would like to send a letter to the Parole Board (Board) about an incarcerated individual who is being considered for parole, your letter needs to include the following:

  • The person’s first and last name
  • The person’s institution number (is 2 letters first followed by 4 numbers)
  • The state correctional facility where the person is housed

The Board must have the person’s name AND some other form of identifying information such as the date of birth or the inmate/institution number to make certain the letter is placed in the correct individual’s file.

If you do not know the person’s inmate number or the institution where they are currently incarcerated, you may find this information on the INMATE LOCATOR. This site will provide both the inmate/institution number and the state correctional facility where they are housed for you to use in your letter. Below is an example of a possible letter about an inmate:

The final letter should be mailed to:

     PA Parole Board | Office of Board Secretary
     1101 South Front Street | Suite 5300
     Harrisburg, PA  17104-2517