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Honoring Mahanoy’s Employees of the Month

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October 25, 2018 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

PA Coat of Arms

SCI Mahanoy honored its three most recent Employees of the Month in its most recent newsletter. Congratulations to the following staff members!

MAH - 2018 Jul - Employee of the Month.jpgJames Stone, Corrections Officer (JULY)

James is extremely competent and has demonstrated a superior knowledge of DOC policies and procedures as they apply to his position.  He is one of the most competent and knowledgeable officers, who is dedicated and takes pride in whatever he does. 

James can maintain his professionalism and poise even when confronted with adversity.  His responses are efficient in dealing with the inmate population.

James displays the qualities and drive that has made him successful as a corrections officer.  He is a dependable and motivated individual who works well with his peers and the administration.

MAH - 2018 Aug - Employee of the Month.jpgJames Flores, Corrections Counselor II (AUGUST)

James has a very positive attitude.  He is the only counselor covering G Unit and not only tackles his regular counselor duties, but takes on the additional duties of the P.U.P. Program. 

On various days, he is seen walking a dog through the compound for a vet appointment or for a home visit, which takes away from the time he has to do your numerous assignments as a counselor; yet, he never complains.  He always makes time to assist co-workers, both with work and by volunteering on the Employee Recreation Association (ERA) Committee. Jim takes pride in his work and assures its quality and timeliness.  When asked to assist with special committees or projects, he never turns down a challenge. 

Jim participates on the Wellness Committee from Central Office and assists various staff members and departments with translating as needed.  He is a reliable staff member who does not abuse leave. Jim is an independent thinker and takes initiative to address issues and tasks without being asked.

MAH - 2018 Sept - Employee of Month.jpgMichael Connolly, Food Service Supervisor (SEPTEMBER)

Mickey is very dedicated and goes to great lengths for the Food Service Department.  Whenever he is asked to help, he jumps right in.  Mickey always demonstrates a high level of initiative and consistently exceeds expectations.  He is involved in the day to day operation of all areas he supervises and is always promoting teamwork and cooperation.

Mickey has been doing double duty since one his fellow food service supervisors has been out with a long-term illness.  Mickey is described as a leader among his peers and supervisors, and consistently demonstrates experience, knowledge and sound advice.  He has an excellent rapport with both staff and inmates and in any situation, he stays in control and positive.

Mickey is very involved with his family.  He coaches his daughter and her softball team and his two sons with basketball and football.  He speaks about the fortune of being a father and is always up for sharing stories about them.

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