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CERT vs. Elementary Students

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April 25, 2019 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

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A Camp Hill CERT member teaches kidsIn an effort to foster student interest in future law enforcement while forming a community partnership, Camp Hill's Corrections Emergency Response Team (CERT) member B.T. Smith teamed up with Principal Peck from Newberry Elementary located in Etters, Pa. The two came up with an assembly that would include physical activity and career exploration with a focus on readiness for PSSA testing and team building.

On Friday, March 29, CERT members B.T. Smith, M. Barrett, J. Davidson, M. McKenzie and E. Swope arrived at the school to set up the gym into four stations that consisted of Stretching/PSSA Tips, CERT Equipment Bags, an Obstacle Course and Career Questions and Answers.

These stations allowed the students to work as a team, and they ranged from stretching while discussing tips on how to be the "best you" by training their bodies and minds to skills and habits useful for a corrections officer. While learning how to work as a team to accomplish goals, students had a great time trying on the CERT equipment that officers use to stay safe in an emergency.

A Camp Hill CERT member teaches kids A student completes an obstacle course

The students were also treated to a team tug-of-war with PSSA Man. This was a huge success.

This all-day event included CERT members having lunch with some of the 5th grade students, which encouraged an additional question-and-answer session.

Everyone involved enjoyed this collaboration, and discussions are already underway for the next assembly.

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