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BCC Holds Western Region Basic Training for Contract Facility Employees

January 30, 2019 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

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Bureau of Community Corrections staff recently completed basic training for contract facility employees working in the western region. The training, which ran from January 21-25, 2019 and was held at BCC Region III office, was attended by 26 contracted facility staff. The training is identical to a regional basic training pilot program that was conducted in December in the eastern region.

Contract facility staff previously had attended basic training at the DOC's training academy along with DOC and parole supervision staff, but a revision of the training called for it to be held regionally for this special group of individuals.

Changing to the basic training to a regional training will now result in the basic training program for contracted staff being:

  • reduced from two weeks to one week to be more community corrections specific.
  • only for contracted staff so there will no longer be staff removed from scheduled training due to "department needs."
  • held regionally.
  • conducted twice per year (six total) based on trainer availability.

During the training, employees learn about Use of Force, Security Threat Group Awareness, Suicide Prevention and Awareness; Basic First Aid/CPR/Narcan; Professional Boundaries and a multitude of other areas, including Contraband and Searches; Report Writing; Fundamentals of Security, Infectious Deceases; IPC; Ethics and Professionalism, Inmate Disciplinary Procedures; Active Threat.

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