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Reentrant Recognized for Success

Tags: Reentry
May 22, 2023 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

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​Stacy Dunkle is a reentrant who was recognized with a Certificate of Appreciation by parole staff in April to celebrate Second Chance Month. Dunkle had struggled with reentry before, but he has thrived since his release from SCI Mercer in Feb. 2022.

In the past, Dunkle struggled while on parole supervision with his mental health, substance abuse and violent behavior. He wouldn’t follow recommendations and prior to his last incarceration, he struggled so much he was mandated to report to the district office daily. He was disrespectful toward authority figures and acted without caring about consequences.

Now, he is a changed person. He says it is a result of “just being tired of the lifestyle.” He credits his supervising agent upon discharge and said she was authentic, encouraging, supportive and truly cared about his well-being. He has a good rapport with his current agent, Dan Forsberg, and has improved his family relationships — including with his daughter.

Dunkle has completed programming and has had no violations or negative contact with law enforcement. He sets healthy goals and reaches them with determination and self-awareness. He earned his driver’s license, bought a car, maintained employment and received a promotion. When Dunkle is upset about something, he hits the gym to cool off. He no longer associates with previous drug dealers or friends he used drugs with, and his next goal is to find a new place to live with his daughter.

Here’s what his parole agents had to say about Dunkle:

Submitted by CRPA Victoria Welton:

Reentrant Stacy Dunkle has been selected for special recognition during Reentry Month.  He has made healthy changes that have been reflected through his behaviors and prosocial lifestyle. Stacy has completed the VPB and the Carey Guide program, both of which, he has exceeded expectations. Stacy has shown perseverance, empathy, dedication and self-determination during his supervision. Recently, he received a promotion at work. Stacy and his family are grateful to be recognized for his accomplishments.

Submitted by Agent Dan Forsberg:

Since being transferred to my caseload I have witnessed a great deal of motivation and desire for change in Mr. Dunkle. He has maintained great communication with me, letting me know of changes in his status, concerns that he has had, and questions that have come up. Mr. Dunkle has demonstrated a desire and willingness to change and most notably, his planning for the future. He has shared these plans with me during our contacts, citing his short term and long-term goals. I am pleased to say that he has adjusted well to supervision and will be successful in the future.

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