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Waymart Staff Serve at Marley’s Mission

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October 07, 2022 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

Nine people stand holding a sign that says "#12Months of Kindness SCI Waymart"

​SCI Waymart continued its #12MonthsOfKindness campaign on Sept. 23 at Marley’s Mission in Clarks Summit. Through equine-assisted psychotherapy, children who’ve suffered emotional trauma ranging from abuse and neglect to profound grief, can begin to heal. The Waymart volunteers shoveled horse manure, spread hay, stacked hay, fixed a fence, cleaned outdoor sills, cleaned horse stalls, and bonded with the horses under the guidance of Marine Vietnam Veteran Gary Johnson.

Pictured above: Mark Wahl, Bill McDonough, Roberta Griffis, Brian Delaney, Jess George, Christine Fletcher, Jane Kabuiku, Denise Bomba and Nathan Mihal.

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