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Huntingdon, Smithfield Organization Supports DMVA Veterans Home Residents

December 29, 2021 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

A room full of blankets

The Friends of Vets delivered blankets, Christmas cards, and letters of appreciation for military service to more than 200 veterans at the DMVA Hollidaysburg Veterans Home. The FOV receives donations from numerous organizations such as SCI Smithfield, SCI Huntingdon, SCI Huntingdon PSCOA, numerous local businesses and friends and family members. It was founded by a Smithfield corrections officer.

Due to COVID-19 guidelines, the Friends of Vets did not deliver these gifts in person this year — but they hope to resume that annual visit again next year to spend time with our heroes.

FOV also donated 20 blankets to the veterans hospital in Altoona.

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