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Workshop on LIFE Hosted by SCI Mercer

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November 27, 2018 12:00 AM
By: Andrea Shiock

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More than 40 inmates and 20 staff members attended a workshop hosted by the SCI Mercer Activities Department entitled "LIFE - Live It Fully Everyday!" on Nov. 14. The presenter, Mark Weir, is the founder and chief education officer for LEADS - Leadership: Exploring And Developing Success. 

Weir is a motivational speaker and a Leadership Development and Diversity & Inclusion Consultant from the Pittsburgh area. He has a Master's of Education and Business Administration, has worked at several colleges and has received several honors and awards.

The engaging and interactive workshop involved taking a deeply reflective and introspective look into our lives and how we live our life. The discussion covered remembering the past without over-exaggerating it, looking toward the future without overestimating it and living in the present without underestimating it. 

Weir discussed with the group that far too often we lose ourselves in day-to-day living and when life hits us, we immediately think about whose "fault" it is and forget about whose "responsibility" it is.

The workshop focused on healthy, open and honest community discussion about our lives, as well as on where we "fit" into this thing call LIFE. After participation in this workshop, the goal is for the participants to be able to formulate and articulate how they plan to live their lives out fully every day!

Weir's dynamic presentation left attendees energized and uplifted about LIFE.

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