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Waymart Celebrates Mental Health Awareness Month

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June 03, 2020 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

PA Coat of Arms

Waymart staff stand with art projectsSCI Waymart celebrated Mental Health Awareness Month with a special awareness day held for staff.

This month is especially important as we continue to hear about the increase in mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety and even suicide due to fear, isolation and economic difficulties. Waymart recognized the outstanding work of all our employees on the front line supporting our mission and fellow employees. To show appreciation, the Mental Health Awareness Day was held, featuring donuts for all staff, weekly messages and resources provided for staff and their families.

Waymart also featured artwork from the FTC patients. The FTC Therapeutic Activity Department Staff Supervisor Ben Cole and Therapeutic Specialists Kayla White, Claudine Barton and Dave Quick facilitated a therapeutic art where FTC patients spent several weeks making a Mental Health Awareness banner and inspirational collages that were displayed throughout the facility. The patients were inspired that their work was being displayed and took great pride in promoting the importance of mental wellness. (Examples of their artwork are below.)

One of the patients described the art project as "Not only fun, but good therapy. I was able to achieve a project for those that asked because they do so much for us. However, the more I worked on it, the better I felt watching the paper turned into a canvas of art, seeing something I created with my fellow inmates helped me relax, gain confidence and gave me the sense of ability that I can complete a project. We took pride in our work, proving that we can turn a negative situation of a pandemic into a relaxing, fulfilling time. Compliments from Ms. Barton, Ms. Patrone, and Unit Manager Chapel make things worth it in a world that sometimes seems worth it. Thank you to all who help us through difficult times."

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