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Activities Staff Keeps Inmates Active at Coal Township

May 16, 2020 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

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At SCI Coal Township, activities specialists are conducting outdoor and indoor recreational activities for individual cohorts to encourage activity and social distancing.

Pictured is J Unit, where inmates are shown playing football on PlayStation. Both inmates said they appreciated the opportunity and enjoyed playing the game. Mr. Randell, shown in photos, transports the video game equipment to the housing units and coordinates games within the cohorts on each unit.

Another activity Coal Township is doing is a trivia contest for all blocks. The block gets the questions, inmates send their answers in and inmates get a snack pack (pictured right) for a prize if they have the most correct answers.

The current round is focused on sports, but more are on the way featuring pop culture, movies, music, geography and more.

Activities staff have also been doing ice cream pint sales and taking them to the housing units, as well as passing out soft pretzels to each inmate (paid for by IGWF).

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