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ENVISION Blind Sports Receives Donation from Mercer Inmate Run-A-Thon

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November 08, 2018 12:00 AM
By: Andrea Shiock

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MER - 2018 Aug 4 - Inmate Activity Fundraiser7.jpgSCI Mercer's Inmate Activities Committee (IAC) frequently gives back to the community by conducting various fundraisers throughout the year in which the inmates may participate to raise funds.

For the IAC's annual Walk/Run-A-Thon, hosted by the Activities Department at Mercer on Aug. 4, ENVISION Blind Sports was selected to receive the funds raised from the event. In addition, five representatives from ENVISION attended and participated in the Walk/Run-A-Thon.

ENVISION Blind Sports is a non-profit organization located in Mercer, which provides physical activity and promotes a life of wellness for individuals who are blind or visually impaired. Programs provided by the organization include sports camps and clinics, Pittsburgh Penguins Blind Ice Hockey, outdoor adventures and educational support.

During the event, 59 inmates raised money by participating in the 6.5-hour event in the categories of: under 35, 35-49, 50 and older, and a 26-mile marathon. Four of the six marathon entries finished the marathon. The participants walked/ran a combined total of 808.4 miles. One inmate completed 1,000 burpees and one completed 500 burpees in the allotted time. Over a $1,000 was raised from the Walk-A-Thon and from a hygiene sale. The IAC matched this amount, making the total donation to ENVISION at $2,020.

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