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​I - M definitions

ICE Detainer
A warrant lodged by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)

Identifiable Threat
A parolee presents an identifiable threat to public safety if:
1. Credible information indicates that the parolee intends to engage in criminal activity or violate conditions of parole in the future and has the means to do either; or 2. The parolee is a danger to him/herself or others due to psychological, psychiatric, or physical impairment; or 3. The parolee is demonstrating unmanageable behavior, which makes him or her not amendable to diversion.

Imprisonment; confinement in a jail, penitentiary, or prison

Indirect Violation
A violation of probation or parole by a breach of the terms and conditions of probation or parole other than the commission of a new criminal offense of which the offender is found guilty or pleads guilty or nolo contenders.  Also see Technical Parole Violation.

Interstate Compact
The Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision (ICAOS). A cooperative agreement to promote and facilitate safe, orderly, efficient, and uniform transfer and supervision of adult offenders in the community who are authorized under the rules of this compact to travel across state lines both to and from each compacting state, and, when necessary, return offenders to the originating jurisdictions

Justice Network (JNET)
A collaborative effort among Commonwealth agencies to build a secure integrated justice computer network

Levels of Supervision
The Board assigns parolees to one of five levels of supervision: administrative, minimum, medium, maximum, or enhanced with enhanced being for those offenders with the highest risk. The higher the supervision level, the more contact and time the supervising agents must spend with the parolee

Levels of Service Inventory Revised (LSI-R)
A risk-screening instrument and is part of the Parole Decision Making Guidelines

A Latin term meaning “we command”; a writ, issued by a court of superior jurisdiction, commanding an inferior tribunal, board, corporation, or person to perform a ministerial duty imposed by law

Maximum Sentence
The expiration date of a sentence

Megan’s Law
A law that requires registration of the offender’s address, employment, school, etc. with the State Police if the person was convicted of a specified sex offense

Minimum Sentence
The date in an indeterminate sentence on which the inmate is eligible for parole