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Food Procurement Services and 
Food Management Software System RFP
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Frequently asked questions and answers are provided below:
What is this RFP about? Why is PA DOC issuing this RFP?
As part of Governor Wolf’s GO-TIME initiative, all Commonwealth agencies, including the Department of Corrections, have been tasked with modernizing government, saving taxpayer dollars, and improving services. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Department of Corrections (PA DOC) is seeking to streamline its food procurement services and food inventory management to achieve efficiencies and cost savings. PA DOC intends to achieve these objectives by partnering with a contractor that will manage the procurement, logistics, and food inventory through the use of a software system. PA DOC will continue handling menu development, meal preparation and meal serving.
Is there opportunity for small businesses to participate in this RFP?
Yes, absolutely. RFP respondents are encouraged to partner with small and diverse businesses, and in fact there will be a small and small diverse business component to the RFP that will be scored based on the amount of business they will drive to small and diverse businesses. 
Who is eligible to bid?
We encourage all vendors with food-related experience in the public sector to carefully review the RFP and consider submitting a proposal. We encourage prospective respondents to partner with other vendors if it will enable them to put together a comprehensive proposal that will best meet the needs of the Commonwealth.
When will the RFP be released?
The RFP will be released on or around Monday, May 9 2016. 
When are proposals due?
We expect proposals to be due on or around Wednesday, July 6, 2016.
How do I access the RFP?
The RFP and related documents can be accessed HERE
I have questions regarding the RFP. Whom do I ask?
Gayle Nuppnau is the Issuing Officer, and all RFP questions should be directed to her at Please note that vendor questions about the RFP will be addressed in writing via the RFP Q&A process. The first deadline for written questions will be May 11, and the second deadline will be June 9. There will also be a mandatory pre-proposal conference for prospective RFP respondents held on May 18 where the RFP will be explained in detail by BOP. Optional site visits to Camp Hill and Benner/Rockview will be held May 18 – 19, and all prospective respondents are encouraged to attend.
CONTACT:  Gayle Nuppnau is the Issuing Officer, and all RFP questions should be directed to her at  ​ ​