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Inspection Schedule, Statistics and General Information

The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections (DOC) is not responsible for the operation of county prisons.

County Statistics and General Information

​2022 (Excel)

2021 (Excel)
2020 (Excel)
2019 (Excel)
​​2018 (Excel)
​2017 (Exce​l)
2016 (Excel)2015 (Excel)
2014 (Excel)
(revised 01.17.2019)

County Prison Extraordinary Occurrence Statistics 

The information provided in these documents are provided by the individual counties. DOC is NOT responsible for over or under reported figures by the counties. DOC posts the information that is provided without validation. 

2022 (Excel)
2021 (Excel) (revised 4/20/22)
​2020 (Excel)
(revised 2/7/22)
2019 (Excel)
​2018 (Excel) (revised 2/21/19)
2017 (Excel)2016 (Excel)2015 (Excel)