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Dogs Return to Chester

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February 09, 2024 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

A pit bull looking at the camera

After a brief hiatus, SCI Chester has welcomed dogs back to the facility in a new program with New Leash on Life! The program is focused on fresh starts for the #PrisonPups and their incarcerated handlers.

The first member of the pack is Pierogi, a pit bull mix with some training experience but in need of a more intensive program. He is training with one of Chester’s most experienced handlers as he awaits adoption.

Shortly after he arrived, Pierogi was joined by Chai, a pit bull mix who was surrendered to a shelter. Chai was only one hour from being euthanized when she was rescued and brought to Chester to train and wait for her forever home!

A dog named Chai stands by a person as they pet her.

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