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Reentry Team Honors Mahanoy Barber Instructor

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October 02, 2023 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

SCI Mahanoy and DOC leadership stand with Barber Instructor Tracey Geist after she receives an award.

The Bureau of Reentry Coordination recognized SCI Mahanoy Barber Instructor Tracey Geist with a Certificate of Appreciation for her support and willingness to help maintain and grow the DOC’s barber program. Since Sept. 2021, Geist has supervised state testing at SCI Camp Hill to ensure barber students from across the DOC can obtain their license. Camp Hill currently does not have a barber shop teacher, so Geist has stepped up to ensure all materials are in place and the examinations can proceed as planned. She also visits the facility to ensure students are ready for their exam. Students must pass the theory exam at their home institution, but the practical exam must be taken at Camp Hill in order to attain their PA barber or barber teacher’s license.

Thanks to Geist’s service, 80 students have been able to attain a barber or barber teacher’s license.

Pictured above from left: Jordan Ross, COT at SCI Mahanoy and son of Ms. Geist; Brandon Daynorowicz, principal at Mahanoy; Tracey Geist, corrections barber instructor at Mahanoy; Mike Gent, division of correction education representative; Bernadette Mason, superintendent at Mahanoy; Lori White, deputy of centralized services at Mahanoy; Danny McIntyre, director of reentry services.

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