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This page is intended to provide information to help families and friends of inmates when it comes to the purchase, use and care of tablets.

Friends and family members who have questions about inmate tablets can send an email to:  (Please remember that the DOC is not responsible for all aspects of the tablet.  Check with GTL first and then email the DOC.) 

You can contact GTL at:  1-877-650-4249 – GTL Friends and Family Customer Service 

Ordering a Tablet
·         Tablets ONLY can be ordered through the DOC commissary system by an inmate and using the commissary bubble item #94931.
·         The cost of  tablet is $147 plus tax
·         The delivery time is 7 to 10 days from receipt of the order by GTL.
Tablet Information
·         Tablet orders come with
o   Tablet
o   Charger
o   Tablet Protector
o   Battery
·         Tablets have a limited warranty and only cover manufacture defects.
o   Tablet – 1 year warranty
o   Charger – 1 year warranty
o   Tablet Protector – 1 year warranty
o   Battery – 90 day warranty
·         Tablets do not have Wi-Fi, photo, or any office suite.  This specific tablet is approved by the DOC and is only loaded with DOC-approved applications.
·         Tablets have a password assigned to them, and inmates are required to create additional security questions to maintain their privacy.
·         Tablets come equipped with a mortality timer that requires the device to be synced to the Kiosk for an update every 30 days or the tablet will lock.
Ordering Link Units
·         What is a link unit?  A link unit is the equivalent of a penny (.01 cents).
·       Inmates may purchase link units in increments of $5 through the commissary system using commissary bubble number #94936.
·         Link units are used to purchase songs, email messages and games as well as any other item approved in the future by the PA DOC (ebooks).
·         Song purchase $1.80 plus tax (180 link units plus tax)
·         Send an email - email $0.25 (25 link units)
·         Charger - $11.25 plus tax – Must turn in your old charger to get a new one (Commissary #94942)
·         Battery - $47.00 – Payable to GTL prior to replacement (Cash slip to offender accounts for a check to be sent)
·        Games -- Different prices as indicated on the tablet.
Release from the DOC
·         Once an inmate is released from prison and takes the tablet home, from home the individual  must send the tablet to GTL to have the mortality timer removed so it does not lock.
·         GTL will load the software for WIFI and camera.
What features are available to PA DOC inmates on the tablet?
·         Email
·         Music
·         Games - 20 games
·         Ebooks - in 2018
Where can the limited warranty be viewed by the inmate?
·         The warranty information can be found within the Terms and Conditions of your tablet as well as on the Kiosk.
How long does the battery last on the tablet?
·         Battery has a 90 day warranty.
·         The life of the battery depends on different factors.  To get the most out of the battery, please follow these guidelines:
o   Ensure you drain the battery completely to 0% before recharging it.
o   Charge your tablet for 8 hours when you first get it before you start using the device. 
o   While charging, refrain from using the device and turn the device off.
o   Change the screen brightness to a lower level by clicking on the settings icon and moving the button further to the left side of the bar.
o   Listen to music in sleep mode.  This will allow you to listen to music but not have the screen on.  The battery should last 4 hours.
·         Batteries outside of the 90 day warranty or that are not performing after all of the above have been completed should be reported by the inmate to GTL by submitting a GTL Support Link ticket on the Kiosk system. 
What is the Mortality Timer on the tablets?
·         You are required to sync your tablet to a kiosk every 30 days to ensure your tablet is fully up-to-date with the latest software updates or lockouts as dictated by PA DOC Security.
If your Mortality Timer expires and you have not synced your device, the device will lock until you sync it to a kiosk.
How long before link units are available on the tablet when purchased?
·         Link units are available 48 hours after purchase when the commissary order has been submitted by the PA DOC to GTL.  To update your balance, sync your tablet to the kiosk.
How do I turn my tablet on?
·         Hold the power button on the left side of your tablet for 20-30 seconds.  If your tablet has a battery charge, it will power on.  If your device does not power on, plug it into a charger before powering it on.
Where can the limited warranty be viewed by the inmate?
·         The warranty information can be found within the Terms and Conditions of your tablet as well as the public site for friends and family under End User Licensing Agreement.
How do I delete songs off my tablet?
·         The function to delete songs from the tablet does not exist until the tablet is 80% full on the hard drive.  At that time, by going to the Media Library, you will be able to remove songs.
Can my family purchase a tablet for an inmate?
·         Family members can send the $147 plus tax to the inmate in order for him/her to purchase the tablet through the commissary system. 
What features are available to PA DOC Inmates?
·         Email – two way communication between inmate and family and friends.
·         Music – Over 3,000,000 available songs.
·         Lobby Kiosk – Add funds to the offender trust account.
Where do I sign up for an email account?
How can I contact GTL?
·         1-877-650-4249 – GTL Friends and Family Customer Service
What questions can GTL answer through GTL Friends and Family Customer Service?
·         Questions in reference to money submitted through the Kiosk
·         Questions in reference to signing up for an account with GTL
·         Questions in reference to how connect network works
·         Questions related to emails that friends and family have sent
What information can GTL NOT provide you through GTL Friends and Family Customer Service?
·         Information related to inmate tablet issues
·         Information related to repairs to inmate tablets
·         Information related to inmate emails
·         Information related to inmate refunds

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This page was last updated on 11/28/2017.