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Commissary Listings 

Based upon an inmate's custody level, etc., these listings show items inmates are permitted to purchase from the DOC Commissary System.
The commissary is operated by Pennsylvania Correctional Industries.
   NOTE:  The male and female commissary listings provided lower on this page were last updated in March 2018.
Female Administrative Custody
Female Capital Case
Female Diagnostic Classification Center
Female Disciplinary Custody
Female General Population
Female Long-Term Administrative Custody
Female Modified Loss of Commissary
Female Quehanna Boot Camp
Female Quehanna General Population
Image - Access SecurePak
Male Administrative Custody
Male Capital Case
Male Diagnostic Classification Center
Male Disciplinary Custody
Male General Population - No Detergent
Male General Population - No Tobacco
Male General Population
Male Long-Term Administrative Custody
Male Modified Loss of Commissary
Male Quehanna Boot Camp
Male Quehanna General Population