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Research & Statistics

Bret (Kristofer) Bucklen, Ph.D., Director
(717) 728-4051 
This office is responsible for directing the ongoing planning, research, statistics and grant activities of the department. This includes coordinating departmental research initiatives; preparing various planning and research reports based on correctional databases; implementing standards, guidelines and procedures for state research and data analysis activities; identifying and defining correctional planning and research problems; preparing research models appropriate to the problem; developing instrumentation and procedures for data measurement; collecting and analyzing data; submitting recommendations for departmental research and evaluation priorities.

Key Indicators Dashboard

The charts linked on this page provide a dashboard of key statistical indicators for our department.
These indicators represent important measures of the pulse of our system and allow viewers to get a sense of how policy and legislative changes may or may not be impacting our department’s operations over time.
The goal is to provide these key indicators transparently and in one place.
Key indicators include: 1) DOC population vs. capacity, 2) prison admissions by type, 3) inmate to staff ratios, 4) inmate on staff assault rates, 5) inmate misconduct rates, and 6) inmate on inmate assault rates. 
Click HERE to view charts
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Interactive Map - Inmate Releases by County/Year

Click here to access the interactive map that shows inmate admissions by specific county and year.