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​Video Visitation FAQ

Should I send multiple emails to the resource account?

No. A high volume of visit requests are being responded to so please send just one email and wait for a response. Multiple emails will cause a longer delay as it may already take a few days for a response.

Am I guaranteed a visit during the 4-hour time slot I requested?

No.  As stated in the visitor guide, the facility will make every effort to accommodate the requested time, but it may not be available. We request that you are flexible in scheduling. Also, if you do not have a preferred time and are available anytime, please indicate so in the email.  This will allow staff more flexibility in scheduling your visit.

How long in advance do I need to request a visit?

Please provide as much notice as possible, but at a minimum requests must be made at least 2 business days in advance.  Understanding that if all the time slots are filled, your request will not be granted. A request made further in advance is more likely to be accommodated. As mention in question #2 above, if you are available anytime, this will allow staff more flexibility in scheduling your visit.

Should I call the facility I am trying to schedule a video visit at?

No.  All requests should be made to the respective email resource account as outlined in the visitor guide.

Can I request multiple visits in one email?

No. Please submit one request at a time. Understand that an inmate is only permitted one visit per week (Monday through Sunday) and if another visit is scheduled/took place, your request will be denied.

How far in advance should I join the video visit?

Please join the visit no more than 3 to 5 minutes before your scheduled visit. Also, please hang up as soon as your visit is concluded. There are visits scheduled before and after yours.

What days can video visits be scheduled?

All facilities will begin scheduling video visits 7 days a week on March 26. 

How do I connect to the video visit?

You must download the "ZOOM Cloud Meetings" application on a smart phone, laptop or tablet that has video and audio capabilities. After you download this application, you may "sign up" by entering your name and email address. After your account is activated, you will be required to enter the meeting ID to join the call. In addition, the email you receive from the facility will have a link to connect to the call.