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​Inmate Calls

The Department of Corrections (DOC) encourages and supports families and friends to stay in contact with incarcerated individuals. Phone calls are frequently used to do so. The DOC is not responsible for creating phone accounts. All accounts are created by Securus. Any questions about phone accounts should be directed to Securus.

With recent updates to cellphones, some calls through Securus may appear as spam to the person receiving the call. To ensure you don't miss a call from an incarcerated individual, please do one of the following options:

  • Store the phone number in your phone. If the phone number is in the contact list, the call will always come through and not be flagged as spam.
  • Call your cellphone carrier and advise them that the number is an authorized number to call your phone.

How to set up an account through Securus

The icon below will link you directly to Securus.

Ways to Contact Securus

Phone: 800.844.6591

Calculate your Call

Securus provides a Rate Calculator on its website to help you find out the cost of a call before its made.

Suicide Prevention

Suicide prevention is a major priority at DOC. DOC recently added a message to all inmate phone calls about this priority. The message will say: "If you have any concern that the person you are speaking with is in a mental health crisis or is suicidal, please call the state correctional institution immediately." Please do not be alarmed when you hear this message. It is a way for DOC to share suicide prevention information. To read the potential signs and symptoms of suicide, please select the Suicide Prevention ribbon.