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Transportation Services

The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections (DOC) has provided information on transportation services for family members and friends to visit their loved ones while incarcerated in Pennsylvania correctional institutions. DOC does not maintain the websites for these transportation services and is not responsible for the content on these private websites. Questions about the transportation services should be directed to the organization or company who provides the service - not DOC.

PLEASE NOTE: Cell phones ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED in all state correctional institutions.

Brelyn Transportation LLC [A6420253]
Phone: 215.730.5655
SCI Destinations: Does NOT service Albion, Greene and Quehanna
Pick-Up Locations: Door-to-Door locally | 69th and Market Street

Duals Round Trip Transportation [A6417539]
Phone: 215.668.7527
SCI Destinations: All Pennsylvania SCIs
Pick-Up Locations: Door-to-Door

Family Ties LLC [A6414268]
Phone: 215.327.0064
Pick-Up Locations: 5th and Ross

J&W Transportation/SD Transit [A6412136]
Phone: 412.589.2010
SCI Destinations: Fayette, Greene, Mercer, Somerset
Pick-Up Locations: Edgewood Towne Centre

Knox Transportation [A6417033]
Phone: 267.816.7033
SCI Destinations: Dallas, Retreat, Phoenix
Pick-Up Locations: Please CALL directly

Mildred Transit [A6420850]
Phone: 267.596.2007
SCI Destinations: Phoenix and Chester
Pick-up Locations: 46th and Market Streets and Cedar Brook Plaza

Network Connect Tours, LLC [A6415660]
Phone: 484.788.5888
SCI Destinations: All Pennsylvania SCI's
Pick-Up Locations: Monroe, Northampton and Philadelphia

New First Class Transportation
Phone: 610-820-5252
SCI Destinations: All Pennsylvania SCIs
Pick-Up Location: 1444 Hamilton Street, Allentown

PA Prison Society
Phone: 215.564.4775 | 800.227.2307
SCI Destinations: All Pennsylvania SCIs
Pick-Up Location: 30th and Market Streets

Pickup Transportation, LLC [A-6420658]
Phone: (267) 281-4440 or (267) 325-0221
SCI Destinations: Laurel Highlands, Somerset, Benner Township, Rockview, Huntingdon, Smithfield, Muncy, Phoenix, Camp Hill, Mahanoy, Frackville, Chester, Dallas and Retreat
Pick-up Location: 4650 N. Broad St., Philadelphia

Premier Ride/Mondial Motors LLC [A6415050]
Phone: 267.603.3526
SCI Destinations: Does NOT service Benner Township, Cambridge Springs, Fayette, Forest and Quehanna
Pick-Up Locations: 69th Street Terminal | 30th and Market | Broad and Hunting Park

Riding on Family Love
Phone: 267.225.0017
SCI Destinations: Camp Hill, Coal Township, Frackville, Mahanoy, Retreat, Huntingdon, Smithfield, Benner Township, Rockview, Muncy, Phoenix, Houtzdale, Laurel Highlands, Somerset, Fayette and Forest
Pick-Up Location: 69th and Market; 30th and Market; Broad and Jefferson; and door-to-door optional

Rose Transport, LLC [A6422373]
Phone: 267.270.1524
SCI Destinations: Mahanoy, Frackville, Coal Township
Pick-up Location: Broad and Olney Transportation Center

R & S Restaurant Inc. [A6420630]
Phone: 412.812.3504
SCI Destinations: Albion, Cambridge Springs, Fayette, Greene, Huntingdon, Houtzdale, Laurel Highlands, Mercer, Pine Grove, Soemrset, Smithfield
Pick-up Location: Door-to-door

R & S Travel and Tours, Inc.
Phone: 856.266.6380 and 267.819.4205
SCI Destinations: Frackville, Mahanoy, Laurel Highlands, Somerset, Coal Township, Mercer, Cambridge Springs, Albion, Smithfield, Huntingdon, Forest, Greene, Dallas, Retreat, Fayette, Pine Grove, Benner Township, Rockview
Pick-up Location: 69th and Market; 30th and Market; Broad and Hunting Park

Wadadli Sisters' Transportation LLC [A3012078]
Phone: 215.433.8890
SCI Destinations: All
Pick-up Location: Door to Door; Olney Transportation Center; 30th Street Station; 69th Street Station; 34th and Girard; Frankford Transportation Center; City Hall

Wesley Family Services
Phone: 412.458.6456
SCI Destinations: Does NOT service Chester, Mercer, Pine Grove, Quehanna and Waymart
Pick-Up Locations: Broad and Erie; 30th and Market

Wheeler Transportation LLC [A00120552]
Phone: 215.221.1888
SCI Destinations: All SCI's
Pick-Up Locations: Broad & Erie; 30th & Market