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How To Email

On March 15, 2016, the Department of Corrections (DOC) began using email services provided by ViaPath Technologies so emails may be sent to inmates. All emails inmates receive are subject to review for appropriate content. The DOC is not responsible for creating accounts or for trouble shooting any technological issues a user may have with the email system.

Learn more about the email service on the ViaPath Technologies website.


ConnectNetwork is the access portal to create an account and to use as the login for your account after it has been created. You can also obtain message credit information at this location.

ViaPath Technologies also provides a question and answer page about the email service.

User Questions

Individuals with questions about the service should contact ViaPath Technologies Friends and Family Customer Service directly by calling 1.877.650.4249.

Individuals wishing to seek a refund from JPAY (the previous provider of these services) should reach out directly to JPAY by calling 800.574.5729. (PLEASE NOTE: JPAY still remains the vendor responsible for coordinating inmate accounts.)