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​Digital Photo Upload System FAQ

The Digital Photo Upload System is a photo service provided by the Department of Corrections (DOC) through the Department of General Services (DGS) Bureau of Publications. Instead of printing photos and mailing them to Smart Communications families can now upload photos directly from their electronic device to the DOC for printing and delivery. The Digital Photo Upload System will pilot at State Correctional Institution Camp Hill beginning January 30, 2020. 

Questions about the DOC’s Digital Photo Upload system can be emailed to

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General Rules

We understand that your first visit to a SCI can be confusing and intimidating. Please review the following steps you can take to ensure your visit goes smoothly. And remember – we are here to help. Please contact your loved one's facility with any questions.

Visitor List

All visitors must be on the inmate's visitor list.


All visitors, regardless of age, must have proper identification in order to visit.

What To Bring

For the safety of inmates and staff, strict rules are in place to prevent the introduction of contraband into DOC facilities. The following items are generally permitted in visiting rooms.

What NOT To Bring

At most facilities, lockers are available to store items prohibited from visiting rooms. Some lockers may require a deposit.

Dress Code

Visitors are expected to dress appropriately and avoid clothing styles that are revealing or provocative. Women should wear bras; however, we advise against underwire bras because underwire may prevent the visitor from successfully passing through the metal detector, which would cause the visit to be denied.

Face Veils or Obstructive Clothing

Face veils or other articles of clothing that obstruct the view of an individual's face required by a female visitor's religious beliefs are permitted to be worn inside DOC facilities.

Visiting With Minors or Infants

All visitors must be at least 18 years old, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian who is also on the inmate's visitor list, or unless the visitor is the legal spouse of the inmate.

Prohibited Visitors

The DOC takes the security of its facilities seriously. People in the following categories may not visit a SCI without prior approval from DOC leadership.