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Disclaimer: The DOC has not verified or vetted the listed testimonials.

Former Facility: SCI Rockview

Received: April 2019

I got out of prison in 2010, never had a violation, and am now completely off of parole. I am married, have 3 children and own my own tattoo shop. I actually hired a friend I met inside. He has been working for me for the last 7 months.

Received: April 2019

Thank you for continuing to support the Certified Peer Specialist program and its employees. I wanted you to know that it is with great honor that I can bring the knowledge and skill I obtained while working as a CPS in the PADOC to fruition in society. I will represent my origins as a CPS with the utmost standard of excellence in our practice.

I did get the position after a rigorous hour-long interview with a battery of test, case scenarios and mock ITP drafting on a desktop. It is a full-time position with all your standard benefits. All of the positive references I received was a huge contribution. I wish the men and women of the SCIs could know how far good work ethic and positive repores within the DOC can take you in society.

Received: April 2019

I got out of prison in 2010, never had a violation, and am now completly off of parole. I am married,  have 3 children and own my own tattoo shop.

Former Facility: SCI Graterford

Received: April 2019

My daughter—a summa cum laude graduate from Temple University (class of 2018)—is earning her Master's Degree from the University of Pennsylvania. My son—a senior at Marple Newtown High School—has been accepted to Penn State University (main campus) to begin in August if this year. I myself earned my Associate's Degree from Villanova University while at SCI Graterford and was given a scholarship to attend Villanova’s main campus upon return to the community. I graduated class of 2000, and went on to Jefferson University to earn my second Bachelor's Degree. My wife and I have made the children’s welfare the main objective. We have lived in Broomall, Pa., for over 20 years, and purchased our home four years ago. I assist township commissioners, with whom I’m acquainted through my son's youth sports leagues. At 62, I’m fortunate to have my health and remain very active. I feel like life is just beginning. We vacation annually in the Gulf area, which may have to be sacrificed this year as we plan to renovate our home with a relaxing partially covered wrap-around deck.

Received: March 2019

Current Work Type: Masonry

I got a text today from my old parole agent to do this. I only because I looked at her and the whole parole situation like a giant inconvenience and like a new sentence. I lied, ran and gave her every excuse in the book to fight and live by my rules. It wasn’t till I finally hit a point I was tired of fighting because things were getting worse when I thought they couldn’t get any worse. So I asked her for help and she did what she had to do. Locked me up. But that was a turning point when she gave me an opportunity to get my stuff together going to rehab. That is where this wonderful journey started. I finally started to listen and become teachable. Basically got out of my own way. I started to realize when I did things I was told to do and really didn’t want to do it, I realized I was learning how to live again little by little. I started to get involved in AA and work the 12 steps. My sponsor told me it is the only way to take care of the wreckage of my past and not let your past dictate your future is to get brutally honest and put some work in and give myself a chance. So I accepted and owned the things I have done and started this process of internal growth. I have been nothing but growth and happiness. Even a bad day is better than any day living dirty. Today I give back what was freely given to me. I am a father to my 3 kids. A stepfather to my wonderful girlfriend's 2 kids. A brother. A son. Believe it or not I talk to my parole officer all the time she actually asks me to help guys fresh out that are on her caseload. I do it as much as possible because I was once that guy that everyone had counted out for good and like my kids say I came back to life better then ever. I am not ashamed of my past today. It is my story and was the path I took to make me the man I am today. I was told in the beginning the way to overcome fear is faith. So trust in the process. There is hope.

Former Facility: SCI Coal Township

Received: Jan. 2019

Release Date: March 31, 2017

Current Work Type: CDL Instructor

Just a little update on me. I was released in March of 2007. Since then I have had no new involvement with law enforcement. I have had numerous jobs that have always paid pretty well. Then in 2015 I went to school to get my CDL. Obtained my Class A CDL in June 2015. I drove Over The Road (OTR) until October 2018 when I was offered a position as a CDL Instructor for Schneider National. One of the largest trucking companies in the country. In a few short years I have advanced my career to a point that most take 15 or more years to get to. 

Former Facility: SCI Muncy

Received: Jan. 2019

Current Work Type: Minister/Mentor

It's a great day to be alive!!! I was released from Muncy state correctional institution June 2012.

I remember when I was sentenced going back to my cell reading "My Daily Bread" devotional and the headline said,  "This is about to be the best play of your life", and it honestly was!

During my incarceration I did a 25 lesson Thinking for a Change course with Mothers In Charge,  and the founder, Dr. Dorothy Speight, made me a mentor for the following course. Eventually I was sent to state prison and Mothers In Charge stayed in contact with me the whole incarceration. While incarcerated I wrote two books, did victims awareness,  violence prevention  and became a peer specialist for the therapuetic community. My life was flipped upside down and inside out, and I was catapulted into a new and true direction. Since I've been home I have worked for Mothers In Charge teaching inside the Philadelphia county jail Thinking for a Change four nights a week up until 2017. I also taught life skills at two charter high schools. I am a minister of the Word of God and I am available to JESUS every day to help other women and men coming home and adjusting to society positively and productively. I have been reconciled with my children, and I am determined to give them the best of my life the rest of my life! My gratitude will never be silenced and I will continue to daily make a deliberate decision live a quality life of serving God and others.

Former Facility: SCI Cambridge Springs

Received: Jan. 2019

Current Work Type: Construction

"​I just wanted to give you an update on me. I'm doing well working for an asphalt company called Baldwin Asphalt and Paving as a flagger at $17.25 a hour, and I also work part time for PT service group as a marketing assistant. I'm still in the renewal halfway house saving for a place. Thank you, Mr. Hulings. All the skills you have taught me have really given me a fighting chance out here in the real world. So thank you for all you do. You're helping change lives. You have helped change mine."