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2520 Lisburn Road, Camp Hill, PA 17011
Benner Township
Benner Township is one of four PCI laundry facilities, which employs 64 inmates.  PCI laundry facilities are segregated from the main grounds to allow secure transportation of laundry both in and out of the institution.
Our laundry facilities have been able to provide low-cost, professional linen management services and commercial laundering services of personals and linen throughout Pennsylvania since 1989. 
PCI laundries offer inmate workers the opportunity to participate in the Association for Linen Management (ALM) coursework that leads to the award of Certificate Linen Technician (CLT) and Certified Washroom Technician (CWT) certificates based on a passing test score of a proctored examination.
Benner Township currently has 11 customers, including State Correctional Institutions, State Hospitals and other State Agencies.