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Visit Days and Times

The Department of Corrections (DOC) understands and stresses the importance of family members and friends staying in touch with incarcerated individuals. Each facility across Pennsylvania has different days of the week and times when visitation may occur.

General Rules

Please allow for no less than a one-hour visit. Visitors should arrive no less than TWO HOURS prior to closing of the visiting room.

Vending Cards

There is an initial fee, usually $2, for each vending cards. The remaining balance on the card may be used for vending machine purchases. Fees and balances may vary from prison to prison. Cards are reloadable with funds for future visits. The DOC is not responsible for lost or stolen cards. Reimbursements may be made by contacting the vending company directly ~ not DOC. Please see notices posted in visiting area near the vending card machine for details.

Children's Play Areas

Children’s play areas are available at most, if not all, state prisons. The play rooms are for minor children, but the individual accompanying the child is responsible for the welfare and behavior of the child. Children should never be left unattended in a play area. Visitors are responsible for ensuring toys, games and videos are treated with care and are returned to their proper location. Some play rooms are designated for minors under a certain age only. Please check with the visiting room officer for more details. Child Resource Center information is also available.

The days, times, maximum number of visitors permitted for each inmate and vending machine information is listed below for each of Pennsylvania’s 25 state correctional institutions (SCI).

Visit Days and Times by SCI

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