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Educational/Vocational Programs

During the classification process, inmates are assessed to determine what current skills they possess, what job interests they have, their educational background and what education or vocational options are available.

The Department of Corrections provides a detailed booklet for all educational programs it provides.

This chart details all programs by the individual SCI locations.

The vocational programs offered throughout the state correctional institutions are:

• Auto Mechanics/Technology
• Barber/Cosmetology
• Business Education
• Carpentry
• Construction Fundamentals
• Custodial Maintenance
• Electricity (Electrician)
• Electronics
• Fiber Optics
• Gas Piping
• Green Environment Education
• Horticulture/Landscaping
• Machine Shop
• Masonry
• Optical Assistant
• Plumbing
• Print Shop
• Restaurant Trades
• Warehouse Operations
• Welding