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SCI Somerset

SCI Somerset  

Facility Address:

1590 Walters Mill Road
Somerset, PA 15510-0001
(814) 443-8100
Inmate Letters Address:

Smart Communications/PADOC
Inmate Name/Inmate Number
PO Box 33028
St Petersburg, FL 33733
Legal Mail Address:

1590 Walters Mill Road
Somerset, PA 15510-0001
(814) 443-8100

Visiting Notice: Due to venda cards becoming obsolete, the vending machines in the Visiting Room have been changed to allow visitors to use credit, pre-paid credit and debit cards as authorized forms of payments for purchasing items. The use of pre-paid credit cards may result in a transaction fee that is paid by the user when the card is activated. A visitor is only authorized to take one form of payment (credit, pre-paid credit, or debit card) into the visiting room. ​Inmates are prohibited from handling the cards at any time. To obtain a refund on old venda cards, visitors should email:​

Superintendent: Ken Hollibaugh

Deputy Superintendent for Centralized Services: Dan Caro

Deputy Superintendent for Facilities Management: Alfred Taylor

Business Manager: Gina Martini

Superintendent's Assistant: Christie Schenck

The State Correctional Institution at Somerset was built by a cooperative effort between state and county government to build the prison on a fast-track basis to accommodate quick expansion of the system.  This prison is one of five prototypical state prisons dedicated in 1993.  SCI Somerset was accredited by the American Correctional Association in 2016.

Number of Acres Inside Perimeter: 63

Number of Acres Outside Perimeter: 240

Number of Housing Units: 10

Housing units consist of both cells and dormitory-style housing.

Special Features: Residential Treatment Unit and Diversioinary Treatment Unit

Inmate Information:

Inmate Population: Current Population Report

Total Number of Full-Time Employees:  585

Academic and Vocational Education:

  • Academic Education: Adult Basic Education, Commonwealth Secondary Diploma, English Second Language and General Education Diploma
  • Vocational Education: Business Education, Carpentry, Custodial Maintenance, Barber License, Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing and Vinyl Siding

All vocational classes offer industry-recognized certifications specific to the trade skills taught in the program.

Inmate Programs:

  • Canine Partners for Life Dog Training Program
  • Family/Relationship Self
    • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
    • Reading to your Children
  • Sex Offenders
    • Sex Offender Moderate-High Intensity Programming
    • Offender Low-Intensity Programming
    • Sex Offender Programming for low functioning inmates
    • SOP Booster
  • Reentry
    • Pre-Vocational Skills Class
    • MoneySmart Program
  • Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD)
    • Therapeutic Community
    • Outpatient Therapy Group
    • Dual Diagnosis
    • AA/NA/SOS Support Meetings
  • Offense Related
    • Thinking for a Change
    • Act 143 Victim Awareness
    • Violence Prevention Moderate and High levels
    • Batterer’s Intervention
  • Mental Health Programs
    • MH Education
    • MH Management
    • MH Peer Group
    • MH Community Reentry Group
    • Dual Diagnosis Group
    • MH Support Group for Recent Psychiatric Commitment Returns
    • MH Coping Skills/Life Skills
    • MH Survivors Support Group
    • SAA Group

Correctional Industries:  SCI Somerset has a Correctional Industries laundry.  The laundry processes 10.5 million plus pounds per year.  Their 18 customers include the Department of Corrections, Department of Public Welfare, veterans homes and universities. There is an average of 72 inmates per shift and the laundry is run for two shifts.

Community Work Program:

The Community Work Program (CWP) had a total of 19,747 hours of community work for fiscal 2012-2013 for an estimated savings to the community and other government agencies of $143,165.75.

CWP projects:

  • Painted churches – interior and exterior.
  • Performed cleaning, painting and landscaping work for public and private schools.
  • Performed cleaning and grounds keeping work at Flight 93 Memorial.
  • Performed building and equipment cleaning for Local Fire and Police Departments.
  • Assist the local food pantry monthly in unloading supplies.
  • Provided 2582 hours of service to Laurel Hill State Park, Kooser State Park and Department of Forestry painting, cleaning, landscaping and cutting firewood.
  • Provided 3651 hours of highway litter pick up.
  • Provided 2,389 hours of various labor services to local municipalities.
  • Provided 7,457 hours of services to local non-profit organizations.