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SCI Frackville

SCI Frackville

​Facility Address:

1111 Altamont Boulevard
Frackville, PA  17931-2699
(570) 874-4516
​Facility Mailing Address:

1111 Altamont Boulevard
Frackville, PA 17931
Inmate Letters Address:

Smart Communications/PADOC
Inmate Name/Inmate Number
PO Box 33028
St Petersburg, FL 33733
Legal Mail Address:

1111 Altamont Boulevard
Frackville, PA 17931

Superintendent: Kathy Brittain

Deputy Superintendent for Centralized Services: Shawn Kephart

Deputy Superintendent for Facilities Management: Thomas Sokaloski

Business Manager: Jason Senese

Superintendent's Assistant: Beth Lazusky

The State Correctional Institution at Frackville is located in Ryan Twp. of Schuylkill County. It was officially dedicated on April 16, 1987.  The Facility is one of twenty-six Correctional Facilities and one Motivational Boot Camp.  SCI Frackville is an accredited facilities by the American Corrections Association (ACA).

Number of Acres Inside Perimeter:  35

Number of Acres Outside Perimeter: 174

Number of Operational Structures (inside and outside of perimeter):  15

Number of Housing Units:  6

Housing units consist of both cells and dormitory-style housing.

 Special Features: One Special Needs Unit and one Secure Special Needs Unit

Inmate Information:

Inmate Population:  Current Population Report

Inmate Average Age:  38

Total Number of Full-Time Employees:  435

Academic and Vocational Education:

  • Academic Education through GED level to include the PLATO Computer Lab which is an interactive computer based learning system tailored to the individual needs of the learner.
  • Vocational Education:  Business Practices, Custodial Maintenance, Electricity/Electronics Systems Technician, OSHA Safety Certification and Barber Program
  • Apprenticeship Programs:  Automotive Mechanics, Electrician, Painter, Plumber, Baker, Cook and Machinist

Inmate Programs:

Family/Relationship Self

  • Parenting
  • Reading to your Children

Sex Offenders

  • Sex Offender Moderate-High Intensity
  • Offender Low Intensity
  • Special Needs Sex Offender Booster Program


  • Pre-Vocational Skills Class
  • Back on Track Inside
  • Money Smart Program

Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD)

  • Therapeutic Community
  • Parole Violator
  • Outpatient Therapy Group
  • Dual Diagnosis
  • AA/NA/SOS Support Meetings

Offense Related

  • Thinking for a Change
  • Act 143 Victim Awareness
  • Violence Prevention
  • Batterer’s Intervention

Mental Health Programs

MH Education

MH Management

MH Peer Support

MH Community Reentry Group

Dual Diagnosis Group

MH Support Group for Recent Psychiatric Commitment Returns

Correctional Industries: The Correctional Industries Regional Laundry began operation in July 2011 and services four state prisons and five Veterans Centers. The Laundry Operation picks up, sorts, washes, dries, folds, irons and returns laundry to its original destination. The laundry employs six staff and fifty inmates.

Community Work Program Projects:

  • Litter pick up on I81 and state route 61
  • Painted and cleaned for Pottsville Housing Authority
  • Cleaning and grass cutting at the Schuylkill County Fire Academy
  • Park clean up at several Municipalities