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Resource Library

Welcome to the Department of Corrections, Office of County Inspections and Services (OCIS) Resource Library. The books/videos contained in this library are for the benefit of all county prisons throughout the Commonwealth. The administration from any county facility may request to borrow material from the Resource Library.



Q. Where can I obtain resources found in the library?
A. All books/videos are found by following the link provided below. All resources listed contain a brief description of the content. County Inspectors also can provide this list when visiting the facility.

Q. I see something I would like to borrow. What is the procedure for acquiring the book/video?
A. Contact Launa Kowalcyk in the Office of County Inspections and Services at 717.728.4058. Ask about the availability of the resource you are requesting. You will be asked to send your request via facsimile or email on your letterhead along with the appropriate contact information for your facility. Email requests may be sent to:   
Q. Can we keep the requested resource?
A. No. All materials are for lending purposes only. You may borrow the resource but it must be returned within 30 days to allow others the opportunity to borrow.
Q. What if 30 days is not enough time?
A. If there is a need to retain the resource for more than 30 days, please make that request at the time of borrowing. We will make every effort to meet your needs.
Q. How current/relevant are the resource library materials?
A. We review our offerings on a regular basis, replace materials when they become unusable, and add new materials as they are offered. Counties may also request materials that they would like us to offer.