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Dallas Dogs Participate in Fundraiser

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October 18, 2019 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

PA Coat of Arms

On Oct. 4, the SCI Dallas staff associated with the Hounds for Heroes Program attended a fundraiser at the University of Scranton. It was for the American Vet Dog Organization, which is conducted by the inmate population at Dallas under the direction of Acting Unit Manager Louise Cicerchia, CCPM Mike Goyne and Unit Manager Ann Verbyla. The undergraduate students of the Occupational Therapy Group piloted this fundraiser. The event was titled "Pet a Puppy" and each student donated a dollar to pet a puppy.

Dallas staff took four puppies to the event: Pax, 14 months old; Merli, 8 months  old; Mary, 4 months old; and brothers Colonel Dave and Maxwell, 5 months old. The puppies and staff helped the group raise more than $500 for the Pet the Puppy Project. All proceeds benefitted the American Vet Dog Organization. The Dallas Hounds for Heroes participate in this bi-annual event each year.

Staff and dogs from SCI Dallas An SCI Dallas puppy gives a demonstration.jpg

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