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Laurel Highlands Holds Staff Trainer Appreciation Luncheon

September 17, 2019 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

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SCI Laurel Highlands recently held an appreciation luncheon for staff trainers who carry out the yearly mandatory institutional trainings. 

Opening remarks were made by Ms. Queer, the training coordinator; Lt. Hogan, the training Lieutenant; and Supt. Hainsworth. Each of them expressed their thanks for the hard work that the trainers do to ensure that the necessary trainings are carried out. Hainsworth noted that Laurel Highlands has completed the bulk of their training with 5 months left in the year, and spoke of how proud she is of her staff.

Attendees were treated to a taco bar, pasta salad, buffalo chicken dip, cake, watermelon and a variety of soft drinks. In addition, each trainer received a certificate of appreciation and a polo shirt, which identifies them as a DOC instructor. 

All who were present thoroughly enjoyed the chance to take a break from their day, interact with each other and enjoy some great food. They expressed their thanks for the recognition and appreciation from administration.

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