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Smithfield's Moist Hits 30 Years with DOC

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July 30, 2019 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

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Counselor Steve Moist marks 30 years of service for the Department of Corrections. Steve holds a bachelor of science in criminology with a minor in psychology from Shippensburg University. He started his career in the state criminal justice system on August 8, 1989, at the Loysville Youth Development Center as a counselor. He then transferred to SCI Smithfield on March 15, 1992, as a counselor and has been at Smithfield for the remainder of his career. Steve has been a member of the Hostage Negotiating Team. He also mentors multiple staff members.

"The key to my career thus far has been staying consistent with my work ethics, keeping a positive mind set every day with both staff and inmates, having the ability to overcome adversity, and treating everyone with respect. My philosophy is: we will all be judged someday by how we have treated other people throughout our lives", Moist said.

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