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Phoenix Celebrates Volunteers with Appreciation Night

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July 29, 2019 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

PA Coat of Arms

SCI Phoenix presented Reverend Alfredo Gonzalez with their Volunteer of the Year Award at the annual Volunteer Appreciation Night on July 20.

Gonzalez has been volunteering with the DOC and with Graterford/Phoenix for the past nine years. He has not only helped men in the outside service unit but has also helped the Hispanic population that resides in the prisons. Gonzalez graduated from Liberty University's Bible Institute, and when he is not assisting these men at Phoenix, he is volunteering at SCI Chester with his father, Reverend Wilfredo. Gonzalez also serves as a spiritual advisor to men in the boxing and MMA world, and is a chaplain for a local wrestling organization.

Reverend Alfredo Gonzalez is presented with his volunteer of the year award

From left: Fr. John Pidgeon, Rev. Jorge Lugo, Rev. Alfredo Gonzalez, Rev. Rafael Torres and Rev. Michael Comick

At the Volunteer Appreciation Night, Gonzalez said, "Through the many speeches, the common element expressed were the multitude of thank you's to all the volunteers for the time put into the many programs that they contribute to. For all the judgement free hours spent, the inmates wanted the volunteers to know that their light is carried throughout the SCI Phoenix institution by those that have been able to share in their endeavors."

Congratulations, Reverend Alfredo Gonzalez!

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