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Quehanna Boot Camp Corrections Drill Instructor Class Graduation

July 29, 2019 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

PA Coat of Arms

Quehanna Boot Camp recently graduated 10 staff members from the Pennsylvania Correctional Drill Instructor (CDI) program. PA CDI is an 80-hour instructor's course that officers successfully complete upon accepting employment with the Quehanna Motivational Boot Camp. This training is conducted after officers complete Basic Training at the Department's Training Academy.

Boot Camp Drill Instructors at their basic training graduation

The candidates participate in both classroom instruction and practical application of lessons including goals and philosophies, drill and ceremony, physical training, cross-gender training, confrontation/self-control, facilitation of tests and inspections, cognitive restructuring behavior and routine day-to-day operations of managing boot camp housing units. Candidates must prove a thorough working knowledge of the course material through teach-backs and being evaluated by instructors. The CDI program is facilitated under strict military customs and principles where the candidates develop a sense of dedication to each other, loyalty to the boot camp program and becoming an asset to the DOC through buying into the role model concept and the principle that "One person can make a difference; together we can achieve anything."

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