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Secretary Wetzel, Dr. Conte Visit Greene

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July 25, 2019 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

PA Coat of Arms

Pennsylvania Secretary of Corrections John Wetzel visited SCI Greene and attended an impressive presentation given by Dr. Christian Conte on July 18. As part of the Department's Violence Reduction Initiative, the agency contracted with Dr. Conte who is one of the country's most accomplished mental health specialists in the field of anger and emotional management. Dr. Conte has been meeting regularly with the staff and inmates at the facility discussing his theoretical perspective he created, the Yield Theory. The Yield Theory is found to be a way to connect with and understand others, but also understand ourselves. The facility chapel was filled with both staff and inmates hoping to garner one last inspiration from Dr. Conte as his services at the facility came to a close. Dr. Conte shared many inspiring stories and expressed his sincere appreciation to Secretary Wetzel for allowing him to meet others where they are, in prison, upon which his "Yield Theory" is predicated. 

Secretary Wetzel and Dr. Conte, held a question-and-answer session following the presentation. 

Superintendent Gilmore expressed his sincere appreciation to Dr. Conte and Secretary Wetzel for the work that has transpired.

Inmates listen to Dr. Conte give a speech

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