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Quehanna SECA Efforts Include a Clean Shave

October 24, 2018 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

PA Coat of Arms

To raise funds for the general State Employees Combined Appeal (SECA) campaign, QBC held two baked goods/ice cream sundae sales. The first one held Tuesday, September 25, raised $144.50. The second sale held Thursday, October 18, raised $200.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Specialist (DATS) Warren Bartholomew came up with a clever way to raise funds: "Cash for the Stache." When DATS Bartholomew went to basic training for the Navy in June 1979, he shaved off his mustache. Once he completed basic training in September 1979, he hadn't shaved his mustache since.

QUE - 2018 Oct - SECA Efforts.jpg

On September 13 (after clearing it with his wife) he threw out a challenge to QBC staff that if they could raise $150 by September 28, he would shave off his mustache for October 1 and would remain clean-shaven for one week. The idea of seeing DATS Bartholomew clean-shaven must have been enticing because staff donated a total of $185 for the general SECA campaign.

Being true to his word, here is what DATS Bartholomew looks like sans mustache…

QUE - 2018 Oct - SECA Efforts2.jpg

It's noted that when he returned to work following the Columbus Day holiday, the mustache was already making a return.

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