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Camp Hill Holds Sports Awards Ceremony

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June 04, 2019 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

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By Charles Hooker, Activities Manager

The SCI Camp Hill Activities Department sponsored the 2019 Sports Awards Event in the gymnasium for the general population inmates on May 17 to honor the championship and sportsmanship intramural winners from all of the sports during the 2018 season. The certified officials, coaches and assistant coaches were all honored as well.

The guest speaker was Bryan Majors, who is a native of the Harrisburg area where he was the starting point guard for the Harrisburg High School Cougars. He is an author, motivational speaker, mentor and coach. Majors' book, "Training for Triumph," describes how with relentless passion, pride, preparation, positivity and perspective, triumph is right around the corner. This book was written to focus each reader on developing and maintaining a positive mindset. His speech reinforced to inmates the importance of respect for themselves and others, the establishment of personal goals and objectives, focusing on educational and athletic excellence, breaking the cycle of mediocrity, staying focused, remaining humble and to keep working!

The activities department also invited the Push The Rock Community Team, who has taken time throughout the year to play against our varsity teams. Each year between games or halftime, the Push The Rock Team speaks to our inmate spectators and gives them a positive message. The Activities Department honored their effort with a certificate of appreciation and thanks them for their commitment, dedication and sacrifice it took to come inside the prison to share.

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