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Inmates Participate in Day of Responsibility

Tags: Forest
September 23, 2018 12:00 AM
By: Kurt Bopp

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FOR - 2018 Aug - Day of Responsibility5.jpgHope for Change, the SCI Forest inmate organization, held its annual Day of Responsibility for more than 100 inmates in August.

Inmates were addressed by Potter County Senior Judge J. Leete, Victim Advocate Coordinator Heather Cattron, Treatment Specialist Rebecca Coull, PSS Dr. J. Crants and Chaplain Stacy Shaffer. Leete opened with a discussion on "What is Responsivity" followed by speakers addressing making amends.

Inmates later had a chance to sit with speakers in a small group setting to further discuss their topics and ask questions.

To close the day, inmates recited the pledge and signed the wall in the program services area where the pledge was painted by a former inmate.

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