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Cambridge Springs Holds Annual Day of Responsibility

October 17, 2018 12:00 AM
By: Tami Caruso and Chanda Rice

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The 2nd Annual Day of Responsibility held at SCI Cambridge Springs on Oct. 11 proved to be a great success for all in attendance.

CBS - 2018 Oct 11 - Day of Responsibility3.JPGApproximately 100 inmates took part in the event. Those attending enjoyed light refreshments and presentations from various speakers from the community. Emotions ran high as the women heard of the experiences endured by family members of crime victims. Cambridge Springs inmates also heard stories from their own peers of mistakes made and the road to forgiveness and making amends.

The women were given the opportunity to sign the "what would you say" poster: a chance so say a few words to their victims and their loved ones. The day closed with signing of the "responsibility contract" and closing remarks from Deputy Superintendent Michelle Wagner.

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