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Women's History Month: SCI Smithfield

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March 30, 2019 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

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​​​In honor of Women's History Month, the Department of Corrections will highlight some of the exceptional women who work for the DOC and the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole. We are grateful for the wonderful women who work in Pennsylvania's criminal justice system.


Angela Zimmerman
Treatment Specialist
SCI Laurel Highlands

Angela Zimmerman began her career in the Department of Corrections at SCI Smithfield in 1991 as a corrections counselor. She converted from traditional case manager duties to a treatment specialist in 2008. 

Angela is very passionate in her work and focuses on achieving a positive change with every inmate that attends her classes. In addition to Batterer's Intervention, Violence Prevention and Thinking for a Change programs, Angela co-facilitates the Impact of Crime program with inmates who are sincere in their rehabilitation, face their negative choices, and realize their crime's impact on the community. 

A seasoned veteran of SCI Smithfield, Angela involves herself in additional duties outside her normal job classification. In 2003, Angela joined the Hostage Negotiation Team where she has been an active member, eventually being assigned as the HNT leader for SCI Smithfield in 2013, to which she presently serves. 

In 2007, the Canine Partner's for Life program came to SCI Smithfield, and Angela was among the initial group of staff volunteers to become involved in the program. She continues to this day to volunteer for the program, assisting with training of the puppies, socializing the puppies in the community and assisting with veterinary trips.  Her love for animals is no secret and Angela adopted one of the prison puppies who had to be discharged from the program due to numerous health issues.

In 2013, Angela took on the role of mentoring coordinator to aid and encourage new staff to be paired with a mentor for self-improvement and career building. With her experience working with the Office of Victim Advocate as our site point of contact and instructor for Impact of Crime, she was a natural choice to facilitate and oversee the Victim/Offender Dialogue program coordinator duties which facilitates the eventual meeting between the victim, victim advocate and inmate/offender as initiated by a victim request. The program was active in 2018 and Angela facilitated one such meeting that was emotional for all involved. 

With nearly 28 years of experience, Angela continues to give the facility 110% every day.  She takes on every assignment asked of her, and she is an invaluable member the SCI Laurel Highlands team, wearing many hats and doing so with her constant smile and positive attitude. 

She is thanked by her coworkers for her leadership and dedication to SCI Smithfield and the Department of Corrections


Kimberly Davino
Corrections Food Service Manager 2
SCI Laurel Highlands

Kimberly Davino began her corrections career at SCI Huntingdon on November 13, 2001, as a food service instructor and was promoted to food service supervisor on November 7, 2009. As a uniformed staff member, she willingly volunteered to work the various shifts necessary to operate the Culinary Department that prepared and served approximately 7,000 meals every day. Her organizational skills and leadership potential led her to be promoted to food service manager 1 at SCI Huntingdon on December 24, 2011, where she remained until her promotion to food service manager 2 at SCI Smithfield on June 5, 2017.  

As the Food Service Manager, Kimberly is responsible for every aspect of operation for the Culinary Department, such as safe food handling, fiscal responsibility, quality control and staff scheduling, as well as adherence to all safety and security protocols. 

Kimberly completed a Culinary Apprenticeship Program sponsored by the Breakers Hotel and Resort as well as studying Health Science/Dietetics at Palm Beach Community College.  She also enjoyed pursuing other educational endeavors outside of the culinary realm and spent some time studying psychology through the University of Phoenix for two years.  

While at SCI Huntingdon Kimberly volunteered her time to assist on various extracurricular activities like the prison's Morale Committee and serving on the facility's newsletter. She was also selected to be part of a traveling team of culinary professionals utilized to tour various facilities and make best practice recommendations in reducing the state's food service cost.  

Kimberly volunteered her services to deploy to the York County Prison in 2016 to aid that facility in evaluating and reducing food costs.

Since her arrival at SCI Smithfield, she has also joined the prison's Empowerment Committee, as well as being an active member of the Security Threat Group Committee.

Outside of Corrections, Kimberly continues her acts of service where, for the past seven years, she has been a loyal member of the Huntingdon Elks Club; this group is very active in conducting fundraisers to aid local residents and organizations in need. 

Prison staff agree that Kimberly exemplifies the leader/servant mentality, as she is always willing to help any employee in need and offers her culinary guidance and leadership skills whenever asked to do so. She embraces each new challenge with optimism and the tenacity to ensure goals are met.

Kimberly's coworkers say that she is a pleasure to work and are pleased to be able to recognize her contributions to SCI Smithfield and the DOC.


Renee Cassol

Corrections Officer 1
SCI Smithfield

Renee graduated from Penn State University in 2004 with a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice. From an early age she knew that being part of a law enforcement team was her ultimate goal. She began her career with the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections at SCI Smithfield in 2010 as a corrections officer. 

Her first couple of years in the department was an eye-opening experience that could not be learned in a textbook. Being female, working in an adult male facility and working with a mostly male workforce, presented a whole new set of challenges not experienced in other jobs that she had held in the private sector. 

A few of Renee's current job duties include supervision of main yard activity periods, working the housing units, supervising inmates during meal periods and working the institution's Main Control Center. Renee was a quick learner and absorbed everything she was taught. She put that knowledge into practice and has earned the respect of her fellow officers, supervisors and inmates. 

Renee can be counted on to complete any assignment given and has displayed a work ethic that is second to none. She is currently an instructor of the department's AMAC/IAS course and assists in running a women's self-defense class outside of the facility. She is also a valued member of SCI Smithfield's Corrections Emergency Response Team (CERT), distinguishing herself as the first female member. Her future plans include continuing her education and possibly moving into the ranks of management. 

Whichever direction Renee chooses, she will most certainly create a positive influence.  

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