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Women's History Month: SCI Muncy

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March 19, 2019 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

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In honor of Women's History Month, the Department of Corrections will highlight some of the exceptional women who work for the DOC and the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole. We are grateful for the wonderful women who work in Pennsylvania's criminal justice system.


Celeste Brucklacher
Corrections Counselor 2
SCI Muncy

Celest Brucklacher currently serves as a corrections counselor 2 at SCI Muncy.  She began her DOC career as a corrections officer trainee at SCI Forest in September 2009. She promoted to CO1 in 2010, and transferred to a corrections counselor 1 in September 2012. She promoted to a corrections counselor 2 at SCI Forest in December 2013. Celeste transferred to SCI Muncy in January 2015 as a therapeutic activities social worker, later becoming a corrections counselor 1 at Muncy in March 2018 and a corrections counselor 2 in May 2018.

A dedicated and committed member of the SCI Muncy team, Celeste's wealth of experience with the DOC, as well as her strong personal motivation and drive to always do more, has propelled her career forward. She has a strong work ethic, and she was an integral part in the structuring of programming in Muncy's specialized units. She also played a major role in the implementation of the first female Veterans Service Unit.


Rachael Shoeman
Corrections Officer 3
SCI Muncy

Rachael began her DOC career as a corrections officer at SCI Muncy. She was promoted to sergeant in May 2017 and to lieutenant in August 2018.

Despite her short career with the DOC, Rachael has adapted quickly to the corrections environment. She is a self-starter who has shown her dedication and commitment to the DOC. She is active on Muncy's Mentor Committee, and she consistently demonstrates the importance of doing the right thing and assisting others along the way, despite resistance from others.  

Rachael is motivated and has availed herself of opportunities presented. She was an active participant in the Department's Administrative Segregation/Violence Reduction Initiative Committee and its initiatives and is a WRAP and Certified Peer Support Specialist facilitator for the DOC.

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