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Women's History Month: SCI Greene

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March 13, 2019 12:00 AM
By: DOC Staff

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In honor of Women's History Month, the Department of Corrections will highlight some of the exceptional women who work for the DOC and the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole. We are grateful for the wonderful women who work in Pennsylvania's criminal justice system.


Elizabeth Fazzini
Drug and Alcohol Treatment Specialist 2
SCI Greene

Elizabeth Fazzini began her career with the Department of Corrections in 2012 as a drug and alcohol treatment specialist (DATS) 2 at SCI Laurel Highlands. While at SCI Laurel Highlands Liz's leadership abilities were quickly recognized. At the request of the superintendent and deputy superintendent, she received training and became a Mental Health First Aid instructor. In June 2015, she transferred to SCI Greene. Her experience as a DATS 2 has made her an important resource to the Drug and Alcohol Department. Liz continues to teach Mental Health First Aid for the new employees at the Department of Corrections Training Academy.

Most recently Liz received a commendation from Dr. Danielle Rudes, deputy director of the Center for Advancing Correctional Excellence. Liz provided immense support to the George Mason University research team, by clarifying difficult information and providing context for agency trainings. The commendation thanked her for her "incredibly thoughtful, creative and engaging" training sessions and support. Liz was also recognized by the DOC's Central Office for her expertise in the field of addiction and was recently nominated to become an instructor for motivational interviewing.

Liz has an excellent rapport with staff and inmates alike and her abilities have proven to be extremely beneficial to this facility. Superintendent Robert Gilmore and the entire SCI Greene Team recognize Liz for her tireless efforts and dedication to her profession and to SCI Greene.


Bonnie Frameli
Institutional Parole Assistant
SCI Greene

Bonnie Frameli began her career as a clerk typist 2 with the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole at SCI Greene on January 2, 2001. In August 2009, she promoted to institutional parole assistant. Her attendance, work ethic and dedication to her job duties are impeccable. She handles numerous tasks and completes them flawlessly. Bonnie is consistently relied upon and assists her co-workers without hesitation.

Her experience and job knowledge helped contribute to the seamless transition within the Parole Office during the consolidation of the PA Department of Corrections and PA Board of Probation and Parole in October 2017. In August of 2018, Bonnie assumed extra duties and worked an extensive number of hours to maintain the workload within the parole office due to a number of staff vacancies.  

Bonnie is a highly respected employee and a trusted role model, not only in the parole office but throughout the institution.  She is a great listener and has been a mentor to numerous employees. 

Superintendent Robert Gilmore and the entire SCI Greene Team recognize Bonnie for her exemplary job performance and timeless efforts into ensuring the operations within the Parole office are appropriately maintained.


Tammy Koratich
Field Human Resources Officer 3
SCI Greene

Tammy Koratich began her career with the PA Department of Corrections on January 12, 1987, as a clerk typist 2 at SCI Waynesburg. She worked briefly in this capacity at SCI Somerset but returned to SCI Waynesburg in August 1988. On November 21, 1993, she was promoted to clerk typist 3 and took a leave of absence to raise her son. During this time, she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and on September 4, 2001, returned to the Department of Corrections as a clerk typist 2 at SCI Greene. On December 2, 2007, she was promoted to human resources analyst 1, and to human resources analyst 2 on September 18, 2008. On January 25, 2010, she was promoted to field human resources officer 3.   

Throughout her career, Tammy has obtained an abundance of knowledge making her a valuable asset to the Human Resources Department and SCI Greene. She spends countless hours ensuring that her responsibilities are completed in an expedient manner and that the Human Resources Office operations are efficient. She is hardworking, friendly and pleasant and, as such, justly serves as a facility mentor. She is a great listener and in doing so quickly recognizes a potential situation and, offers assistance without hesitation. She will undertake any assignment as requested and spend countless hours ensuring the task is completed to the best of her ability. 

Tammy also serves as the treasurer for a non-profit organization, which she and her family founded. The organization serves families in southwestern Pennsylvania who have children suffering from various forms of cancer. Several times each year, she helps orchestrate fundraising events to assist families with financial support. Tammy will go out of her way to assist anyone, regardless of the time it takes, or the task involved. She displays a high degree of integrity and has developed positive personal values that are hugely respected by others. She is a very dedicated employee, and Superintendent Robert Gilmore and the entire SCI Greene Team recognize her for her boundless efforts. 

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