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Camp Hill MHU Employee Shares Her Love of Music

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February 08, 2019 12:00 AM
By: Rodney Carberry, Unit Manager

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The treatment team on the Mental Health Unit (MHU) at SCI Camp Hill is always striving to improve the overall therapeutic environment on the unit. Activities Therapist Jen Brantner coordinates daily psychoeducational groups and activities provided to the patients, including board games, bingo, ping pong, cards, bowling and trivia baseball, all with the objective of fostering positive social interaction. Recently, the treatment team has added yet another unique way of providing a fulfilling therapeutic environment on the MHU.

Mental health worker Ashley Cooper is not only a compassionate, hard-working member of the treatment team, but she is a talented musician and vocalist. She puts those talents to good use as Ashley gets out the guitar and sings for the patients on the unit. One patient said, "Ashley is a great singer, and I like when she sings for everybody." Another patient said, "I like when she sings, it cheers me up and you know they care."

Part of the MHU's treatment and management philosophy is taking a strength perspective of all of our patients as well as our staff. It is a person-centered approach in every aspect of the program. Management looks to recognize and validate its staff for all of the talent and positives they bring to the treatment team and ultimately our patients. When staff are feeling good about themselves and good about what they do, it positively affects patient care. Compassion and character go a long way, even behind locks and bars.

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